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Super Screen is a leading manufacturer of screening equipment serving the recycling industry.

Super Screens are quite possibly the best machines for screening high moisture organic materials as well as automobile shredder residue (ASR).Whether in landfill reclamation or scrap metal recycling and processing.

Super Screens are proven in many material recovery installations, including:

  • Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR)
  • Wood Waste Recycling
  • Topsoil Screening
  • Municipal Green Waste
  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Sewage/Biosolid Processing
  • Peat Moss Screening
  • Bulb Harvesting
  • Agricultural Soil Conservation

Mobile Screens

Portable Star Screens like the one pictured are easily moved to any location for any type of screening. The Screener shown on the right is screening sawdust that was previously destined for a beehive burner; the screened sawdust is sold for biofuel and to farming operations. This application has an intake of approximately 200 cubic yards per hour.

Portable Starscreen - Mobile Screens

Another mobile Screener, the VE600, features 208 volt 3 phase motors and is presently screening a blend of green waste, wood waste, restaurant waste and fish byproduct. The product size being screened is a 3/8" minus. This will be sold as bulk/bagged soil amendment.

Mobile Super Screens can be towed with a regular hitch on a pick-up or tractor and come equipped with brake and taillight connectors. Setup time is approximately 30 minutes.

Mobile Screeners:

  • 60 yards per hour capacity
  • Quick setup
  • Electric motors
  • Hopper capacity – 5.0 cu. yards
  • Excellent for high moisture screening
  • Unique design allows for quick and easy towing
  • Low maintenance and minimal screen wear
  • Quiet operation

Stationary Screens

If you have need for a more permanent screening operation, stationary Super Screens can do the job. Capable of the same screening operations as mobile screens, stationary screens are highly customizable for any facility. Compact design allows for easy retrofitting into an existing screening system or for incorporation into a new facility.

The VE300 shown is stationed in a municipal biosolids facility; it includes a 208 volt 3 phase motor and has a screening productivity or 30 cu. yards per hour. Also shown is an optional 4 cu. yard feeder bin.

"We wouldn't have any other screen for our operation." - Hank Bitter, Meadows Premium Topsoil & Peat

Custom Design

Just as facilities and businesses differ, so do their screening needs. A custom designed Super Screen can be just the thing for your business. Custom solutions range from a small 24” wide by 36” long to a substantial 70” wide by 66’ long.

Van Eyk manufacturing has been building custom Super Screens for 15 years. Some of our custom Super Screens have been designed for:

  • farming operations
  • municipal waste facilities
  • landscape suppliers
  • peat moss processors
  • garden centre suppliers
  • large and small scale recycling facilities


" important part of our solution for high moisture materials." - Dennis Augustine

The custom design shown has been retrofitted into a municipal green waste facility and is capable of screening 150 cu. yards per hour.

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